Am I just Paranoid?

Live in Seoul/Korean/ 1987/ female/ Studying Arts&Cultural Management/ Wanderlust/ Music nerd/ Bookworm/ Cinephile/ Street photograph/ Contemporary art/ graffiti/Philosophy/ Black Coffee/

This blog photos are all taken by me. I only use film cameras. I like capture the moment. Using film camera is as unpredictable as life itself. Enjoy it.

I love traveling around the world. I've been Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Gobe, Shanghi, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Brussles, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Praha, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Zagreb, Athens, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Firenze, Turin, Istanbul, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Taipei, and to be continue..

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I love your photographs! I especially love the pictures that you took in Hong Kong. What type of camera do you use most often? Do you use any software or app to edit your photos?

Thank u! Hong Kong is one of my favorite city. My photos are only taken by film cameras and only scanned rolls of films, not edited. I don’t have many of cameras but usually using Nikon FE2 and Leica minilux. ^_^